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Welcome to SCCI Ltd - Collaboration Scientists

SCCI are experts in the science of practical collaboration. We have developed a formal management process, Enterprise Relationship Management that focuses attention on the aspects of a joint enterprise that contribute to productivity and bottom-line success. We also offer a set of collaborative relationship appraisal tools, under the brand PartnerLink, that provide key performance measurements and solution focused diagnostics. Our experience is based on 15 years of working with clients internationally in over 100 blue chip, private and public sector organisations and, researching inter-organizational relationship management with our colleagues at Cranfield School of Management.

To date we have secured performance improvements resulting in return on collaboration benefits of at least 15% in project, service, manufacturing and supply chain settings including Defence, retail fashion, rail, construction, electronics, agri-food, IT, oil and gas, financial services, confectionery, automotive and supermarkets.

Our advisory and diagnostic services are for organizations who are considering establishing collaborative relationships or who wish to improve the overall performance of their alliances. By following the principles of Enterprise Relationship Management companies develop the skills for high-performance relationship management.

We also work with consultant associates who deliver complete change programmes to alliances. This means that PartnerLink forms an integral part of a number of offerings, including process improvement, marketing and logistics. They involve all alliance partners, are very quick and efficient to run, and offer the great advantage of getting through the investigative phase much faster than conventional methods.

Our PartnerLink tools support the management of effective business to business relationships by:

  • bringing the partners closer together with a renewed understanding of their joint business, its objectives, its processes and its emerging opportunities

  • giving managers a way of continuously improving partnership performance with both customers and suppliers

  • providing a governance framework that allows strategic decisions to be made about alliance policy

  • enabling conformance to collaboration Standards

We substantially reduced the inventory we hold on their behalf, at this stage this is worth 90K per annum. The opportunity has been opened for more to come

MD, Paragon plc

Enterprise Relationship Management

The formal management of those aspects of a joint enterprise that contribute to bottom-line success.  The key to successful collaboration.

PartnerLink tools are used to measure and analyse partnership performance so that ERM is effective.               More...

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