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In SCCI Ltd we are management scientists. We believe that continued research is a vital part of our mission to help organisations understand and improve the effectiveness of their business-to-business relationships. We thus maintain a steady programme of publications, both specialized for academics as well as for the general use of public and private sector management professionals. This page provides access to all our publications and allows you, subject to the Terms and Conditions below, to download pdf copies for your own use.

Terms & Conditions

Copyright of these papers rests with the publishers who grant back to the Contributing Author the right to share these PDF/Word files with colleagues for non-commercial use. These PDF/Word files may not be offered for commercial sale or for any systematic external distribution by a third party (e.g. a Listserve or database connected to a public access server). Complete citation information for the final versions of the papers, as published in the print edition of the Journals and Conference Proceedings, can be obtained from the publishers.

A number of pre-print, academic peer-reviewed papers are freely available through the Cranfield University CERES database. Click here.

Initially I thought that a competitor was a better supplier but PartnerLink turned my thinking around about our relationship.

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