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Our Services

SCCI's services are designed to operate in a variety of situations. The main services are outlined below. More detail is available by clicking the buttons on the right:

Enterprise Relationship Management – ‘making collaborative performance certain’ used to enable alliances to establish and maintain formal relationship management system

  • Enterprise Relationship Management Plan – ‘a collaborative management framework’ used by alliances to keep track of the plans, activities, decisions, changes and performance

Profile - 'partnership potential' used to improve internal partnering capability and thus prepare organisations for partnering

Barometer - 'quick look' used for an initial gauge of performance, regular monitoring and strategic overview of a portfolio of relationships

Partnership - 'in-depth diagnosis' used for measuring the key relationship performance dynamics and providing sufficiently detailed analysis and recommendations to allow a change programme to be initiated

Portfolio - 'strategic overview' used to discover where good and poor practices are situated in your key relationships and allows them to be managed

Alliance - 'multi-party teamwork' used in Barometer and Partnership versions to measure the performance and diagnose the issues within an alliance or consortium

Partner’s Products - our Associate EQ Partnering Ltd markets EQPartnerLink, a tailored version of the Barometer and Partnership tools that uses an innovative behavioural model focussing on Strategic Alignment, Disciplined Delivery and Trust.


The fact that the customer has pointed out a number of reservations has come as a complete surprise to us. We are going to discuss the matter with them in a special meeting.

Project Director, Lucas Aerospace




















Enterprise Relationship Management – A summary of the formal management process, including the Enterprise Relationship Management Plan that we have designed to enable reliable alliance management. Click here

Performance Measurement – A summary of the way that measurement is a Key Part of Enterprise Relationship Management. Click here

PartnerLink Overview - A summary of how the suite of PartnerLink services fits into a coherent programme to support relationship managers. Click here

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