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Winter 2016 e-bulletin (Dec 2016)

A follow-up on Managing Exit and allied to this, a seasonal story to make you smile. Click here to read.


Ask The Experts - Managing Exit: Is This The Beginning of The End? (Nov 2016)

In the International Association of Contract and Commercial Management's ongoing series of thought-leadership webinars and interviews over 250 members from around the world were present to hear us talk and answer questions about the tricky business of managing the termination or transition phase of collaborative relationships.  Click here to read the blurb and to see the questions that were asked.


Autumn 2016 e-bulletin (Oct 2016)

More on our co-opetition (collaboration with competitors) work.  A couple of interesting case studies to highlight the success factors in this challenging, collaborative business strategy. We also announce the completion of our Simple Guide series of 5 handbooks for managers and offer a special price for the set. Click here to read


Special e-bulletin (Sep 2016)

Announcing our latest Simple Guide on the Exit Phase of collaboration management. It fills a critical gap in the information and advice available to managers today on a topic that is often the source of substantial grief, cost and lost customers to even the best run businesses. This is often the most difficult topic for partners to address but as usual, we strip it down to its bare bones and will give you checklists to follow as well as hints and tips. Click here to read


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We wanted a benchmark supported by evidence because we did not know how well our relationship was performing. PartnerLink provided this.

Integrated Project Team Director, Nimrod MR4a, UK Ministry of Defence



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