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The Case for Professional Relationship Management - Making collaborative performance certain

Are you still relying on Time, Cost and Quality to manage your important business relationships? Are you really satisfied with their performance? 

At least 50% of alliances fail in the first year and 80% don't produce the anticipated benefits.  There is another way. We are relationship management experts with a proven track-record.  Our PartnerLink services show organisations how to attain collaborative effectiveness and guarantee  substantial increases in bottom-line returns, both now and on-going.  

We provide solutions to the following sorts of problem:

  • Working abroad - We plan to expand our manufacturing in a different area and are looking for a new partner. How do we choose the right firm and how do we set up collaborative management that will bring us the best returns? More..

  • Proving collaboration Standards work for you 'We want to use the Partnering Standard to get our business relationships to work better. How do we know if we've succeeded?' More..

  • Building missing Loyalty  'My sales agents and retailers offer me little loyalty. They are pushing my competitor’s products ahead of mine.’ More..

  • Exploiting ignored value  'My major customer seems to ‘look through me’. How can I make him understand my capabilities better?’ More..

  • Fixing the chain with teamwork  'The supply chain does not work as well as it should; some of the firms can't see the bigger picture. How do I get them to work together for the good of us all?' More..

  • Choosing a dependable partner  ‘I plan to outsource my IT function. It is a huge commitment. How do I know that my proposed partner can work harmoniously with me over the long-term?’ More..

  • Revitalising complacency  ‘We have worked together for some years but, we have lost the original zest. On top of this, niggling problems are starting to creep in. How do we re-energise this contract?’ More..

  • Working with rather than through suppliers  'We have a group of preferred suppliers and run an expensive development programme but, performance doesn't improve. They are telling us what they think we want to hear. How do we get them to work as a team?' More..

  • How to herd cats  ‘We are Council 'X' and want to work with a number of agencies (public, private and voluntary bodies) to develop and introduce a new policy. How do we get this group to cooperate more effectively’ More..

The appraisal consists of an online perception survey followed by a joint working session where the survey results are shared and explored in detail. What was really striking was the way the Traffic Light feedback exposed all the issues and opportunities in a single pass. This enabled both our teams to crystallise and confront the priority issues and achieve rapid agreement on moving forward. It created a mood of informed optimism and has given us a robust and structured basis to turn a good partnership into an even better one. This level of engagement and 'objectivity' would have taken many months if not quarters to achieve.

Nick Lowe, MD of Check Point Northern Europe


Managing for Continuous Improvement

To download12 Power Point slides (pdf) that summarise the ways SCCI works to increase business relationship value, click on the picture below:























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