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About Us

  • SCCI Ltd was formed in 2004 in Milton Keynes, UK

  • Based on a Cranfield School of Management major research project with the UK Ministry of Defence.

  • We have developed a formal management process, Enterprise Relationship Management that focuses attention on the aspects of a joint enterprise that contribute to productivity and bottom-line success.

  • The PartnerLink methodology was developed into a commercial set of services that have since been proven in a wide variety of sectors including, construction, manufacturing, rail, retail fashion, food, drink and agriculture.

  • Our personnel and associates are well-qualified academically and have years of practical, senior business experience. 

  • We continue to develop the under-pinning science through work with a number of universities in the UK and Europe.

  • SCCI continues to expand its service set in response to feedback from associates and customers in anticipation of their evolving requirements. 


We were amazed by the results!  We had never anticipated the additional value we could get from something right under our noses: our business relationships.  Our first year cost reduction was 100k on a 2m contract.

MD, Sonatest plc

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